Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A brighter day

Newest comic by the lovely Ayla StarDragon. Find more of Ichabod the Optimistic Canine over at or Ayla's website,

Oysters and Pearls

So, I know you are are absolutely dying to know where the name of my blog came from. But fear not! For all shall be revealed!

My mother is a huge Parrothead. For those not familar with the term, it means she's a big Jimmy Buffett fan. And through her, I gained an appreciation for his music as well. His song "Oysters and Pearls" from his album "Beach House on the Moon" has always stuck with me, and reminds me that I can be more than what I allow myself to be. 

Take a listen, and enjoy :)

This is a Blog Post

So I'm a little excited about starting up a blog. Again. For about the fifth time. No big deal. Should go swimmingly. Right?

*insert cricket noises here*

Oh boy. Well, all I can say is, lets do this thing!